Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current, Kajal asks Anu to keep an extra pillow in Minti’s room. Meanwhile, Sareen complements Leela for the parathas. In the meantime, Kajal informs Sareen about Minti being unconscious. Later on, Sareen questions Anu as to what she did. Elsewhere, Rohan informs Alka that he has been shortlisted for an interview.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Devyani will call Priya (Neel) to meet her. Devyani will reach on the spot and Neel will also reach there. Neel and Devyani will come face to face. Neel will tell Devyani that he is Priya chatting with her. Devyani will leave from there.

Sareen will tell Kajal that Anu has gone for medical checkup, Kajal will get tensed. Doctor will tell Anu for blood test. Kajal will disguise herself as nurse and will exchange the reports. Doctor will inform Anu that her reports were ok..

Anu will announce that now she will lock herself in the room so that she don’t harm anyone…