With the wedding between Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) and Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon), gear up to see some saas-bahu nok jhoks in Sony Entertainment Television’s Hum Hain Na (DJ’s A Creative Unit).

Now in the show, viewers will get to see grand celebrations on the occasion of chhath puja. With the Banarasi family all geared up for the function, the true flavour of the puja will be seen in the show.

Shares a source, “Amma (Subhangi Gokhale) had been really upset with Bunty’s marriage with Sagarika and will soon start dominating her bahu with useless demands.”

As the family would return from the festivities, Amma would tell the family that since Sagarika has a Bengali name, they would have to change it. She would suggest some names to her and the family.

Well, if you are thinking that the bahu will readily agree to the demands, you are mistaken.

Sagarika will put her foot down and tell the family that she would never do such a thing. Her mom, who had passed away, christened her and she would never part with it. This would shock Amma and the family.

Poor Bunty would be left in the soup thinking of which side to choose.

Will Amma accept Sagarika’s disagreement? How will Bunty salvage the situation?

We called Pratyusha but she asked us to call later.