It has often been said by wise men that ‘The truth may hurt for a while, but a lie hurts forever’.

Wondering why we are stating such words of wisdom?

Well we really have no idea which truth is more painful for us; Milan (Shakti Arora) disguising as Ranveer (Shakti Arora) or how fate has been unfair to the young lad himself in the popular show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi on Colors.

A source revealed, “During Ranveer’s parents’ anniversary, Milan will announce to open an orphanage by his parent’s name, which will be followed by a skit to depict how painful the life a kid becomes when abandoned by parents. The act will make Amba (Utkarsha Naik) emotional and the lady will reveal to Ishani (Radhika Madan), that Ranveer has a twin brother whom they left alone in the village”.

Shocked with the realization Ishani will gradually understand about the changed behaviour of her husband and will start doubting about the man in her life. On the other hand, Milan, who has been suffering from loneliness all his life, will find some peace under Ishani’s care and nurture. As Milan will also fall in love with Ishani, he will lie to Ranveer stating that how Ishani has grown fond of him and they are in love with one another.

Ouch, that won’t go down well with Ranveer as expected.

But, don’t you think readers, with the newly introduced love triangle the drama is getting spicier?

We tried reaching Radhika for a comment but the lady remained busy shooting.