More drama in store for the viewers of Star Plus’ popular show Tere Sheher Mein…

Amaya (Hiba Nawab) is going through a tough phase of her life ever since she has got married to Rama (Rafi Malik) on Rajan Shahi’s popular show Tere Sheher Mein.

The ongoing tracks of the show perfectly portrays how is Amaya trying to deal with difficult situations coming on her way. Amaya is no more the same girl like she was before. She has come a long way from being a cool girl to a simple bahu. We hear that, in the upcoming tracks of the show the viewers will get to see her confrontation scene with Mantu and some more difficulties coming on her way.

Our source informs us, “In the forthcoming tracks of the show, she will be asked to take a holy bath at the Ganga Ghat and wear a new saree for her Muhdikhai ceremony. She wakes up early morning and takes a bath at the Ganga Ghats because of that she falls sick. Later on, Mantu (Dhruv Bhandari) meets her and asks about her well being. She felt helpless and not right to tell everything to Mantu so she just ignores him and leaves from there.”

“Trouble won’t leave Amaya here as seeing Amaya sick, Rama’s maasi will give a spiked kaadha to Amaya. Amaya drinks it all and gets tipsy. She will then create a scene during her Muhdikhai ceremony,” adds our source.

It would be interesting for the viewers to watch how Amaya creating a scene during her Muhdikhai ceremony. What will be the consequences of it? The upcoming episodes of the show will unfold the entire drama.