It really needs guts and a huge mental stamina to stay away from family and friends for days together, being under the 24*7 glaring eyes of the camera set up in the Bigg Boss house!!

Well, in tonight’s episode, will come a moment of heartbreak filled with emotions for Aman Verma, Prince and Rochelle Rao.

As a gift from family for Diwali, Aman will receive a personalized mug from his girl friend which will have pictures of him with his girl friend, his family as well as her family. We hear that the rather unassuming personality of Aman will immediately breakdown upon seeing the mug and the pictures of his dear ones.

Touching, isn’t it?

The same will happen to Prince who will get a photo frame collage of his family and sisters as a gift. The man will also break into tears, is what we hear.

Moving to Rochelle, she will get a letter from her family, wishing her luck. The letter will also convey to her that she is being missed a lot at home. Well, Rochelle too would be seen getting too very emotional.

Do you want to see more of the contestants’ emotional side?

Then tune into the episode tonight, as the festival of lights, Diwali gets them to miss their families…