Director’s Kut Productions’ Itti Si Khushi on Sony Entertainment Television will slowly progress towards the love tale of Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) and Neha (Smriti Kalra). With Neha knowing everything about Aman, Aman has slowly got drawn towards her.

And in the coming episodes, viewers will see huge drama followed by few romantic moments between the two.

In a high-voltage sequence to come, Aman will confess his love for Neha before his mother Gayathri (Kiran Bhargava). Gayathri will be taken aback, and will initially refuse to accept the decision. However, on Aman explaining to her that Neha would be his perfect life partner, Gayathri would get convinced, but will also put across a statement that only if her mom, that is Aman’s Nani, essayed by Amardeep Jha would give consent, Aman’s relationship with Neha would move ahead.

This decision of Gayathri would please Aman, and give him all the confidence. He will soon visualize a dream sequence wherein he will think of his future with Neha post their marriage.

As per a source, “The dream sequence has been shot aesthetically, with Aman and Neha getting close, indulging in cute romantic play. With the song ‘Banjara’ from Ek Villain playing in the background, Aman and Neha would be seen getting close.”

When contacted, Anuj Sachdeva told us, “Yes, it was a beautifully shot dream sequence wherein Aman and Neha get into a romantic moment. We self-choreographed for the song and it has come well.”

Will Aman be able to convince his Nani now?

Get to see the cute moments in Itti Si Khushi.