Sony TV’s Humsafars’ viewers in the upcoming episodes will see Alvira bringing Sahir and Arzoo closer; Ashrafi evokes the humanity in Sahir.

Sony TV’s Humsafars has kept the audience glued to their television sets for two major reasons – the chemistry between the handsome Sahir (Harshad Chopra) and beautiful Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and secondly, the fresh concept with brand new twists that the makers of the show have brought in. Well, we are back with some more updates for its viewers.

Our source informs us, “In the upcoming episodes viewers will see some good stuff happening in the favor of Sahir and Arzoo. Well, what basically happens is Alvira (Vibha Chibber) is not happy with Zeenat’s recovery and hence she thinks of a plan through which she can bring Arzoo and Sahir close. What she does is, Alvira gives Sahir’s assistant some money and asks Joe to leave his job. Furthermore, she asks Arzoo to become Sahir’s assistant and take all his responsibilities. Well, in this case we shall surely see some cute good moments between Sahir and Arzoo. Up next that the viewers will see is that Arzoo’s parrot Ashrafi sneaks out of his house and learning about this, Arzoo goes and checks into Zaki’s room but all her efforts go futile. Later while roaming in the house in search of Ashrafi, she sees something that left her stunned. She watches Ashrafi sitting on Sahir’s shoulder and he reading out shayaris to the parrot. Also, Ashrafi cutely is kissing Sahir on his cheeks. Seeing all of this, Arzoo wonders, Insaano se ache se nahi rehta toh Ashrafi ne aisa kya kar diya?”

This episode will for sure leave everyone rolling on floors laughingly.

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