Recently, Ali Hassan was excited to play the lead role opposite Mahima Makwana in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms). In his interview to us, the actor had gone on to state that this is a huge experiment that the makers are trying, and that he is happy to relive his past memories by playing the lead role.

However, in just three weeks, his track has been abruptly ended in the show. Ali who has a vast experience takes this disappointment in his stride, but feels sad for whatever happened.

Says Ali, “The whole family was introduced, and the narration given was very good. In fact, I found great scope as an actor in the role given to me. And to be cast opposite a young girl, and get the chemistry going was a challenge in itself. I had geared up to work hard and give my best. But unfortunately, things did not shape up as planned.”

“I really do not know the reason for the abrupt closure of our track. Guess it was a creative call taken and I am fine with it. But all said and done, I feel complete justice was not done to my character. Having said this, the character might not even be over. Anything can happen in serials, and I might just get called for a return in the show,” adds Ali.

Overall, Ali looks forward to the future with a smile, and exclaims, “May be there is a good reason behind this. I might get a good role in the coming days, you never know.”

Ali, we wish you luck!!