An interesting track is coming up in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya as Akshat will save his father from the fire that erupts in his go down.

Director’s Kut Production’s popular show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV will finally show some sweet bonding between a father and son’s relationship.

As per the ongoing track Suket (Rajeev Singh) is upset with Akshat (Waseem Mustaq) and Arpita (Nikita Agrawal) because of the love affair and Suket being a stern father is disheartened to know about their love marriage. Having broken the ethics and morale of the family Suket asks them to leave the house. They are currently living with Raj in his house.

In the upcoming track Suket and Akshat will come face to face again.

As per our sources, “One of Suket’s go down will catch fire and he will get trapped in it. Suket will feel helpless. Just then Akshat will pass from the place and will be shocked to see the fire. Like a hero he will go inside and will save his father. While saving his father he will get hurt. This will melt his father’s heart and soon Raj (Mishkat Varma)will also reach at the spot to help Akshat.”

We got in touch with Waseem Mustaq to know how he is managing his hectic shooting schedule in the month of Ramzan. For which he said, “Yes it is a tough day for me today as I am fasting and the sequence is kind off an action sequence. There is fire and dust all around, making situation difficult. But after this we all will do iftaari like we do every day on our set.”

Will Suket forgive Akshat and accept him again?

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