The recently episodes of Sony TV‘s Maharana Pratap seems to be getting more intense in the upcoming tracks.
We have already seen how Akbar (Krip Suri) mobilized his army for the impending attack on Chittor’s fort to wage war against Pratap (Ssharad Malhotra) with 30,000 men. The mighty Pratap managed to ward off the attacks from Mughal’s army but soon there were more attacks with cannons fired from Mughals army.
In the coming episodes of the show, coping up with Akbar will be a difficult proposition for Pratap.
A source informs, “There would be a huge war sequence wherein majority of the battle men would be injured. That is when Pratap and Akbar would come face to face with each other. The story will reach its high point when they both will pit against one another. “
So who will win the battle? Pratap or Akbar?
The same source added, “After a gruesome fight, Akbar will finally win the battle.”
We contacted Krip Suri who said, “This is a high point drama and hence I cannot comment on it.”
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