Much awaited show Airlines (Miditech Productions) has finally taken off and the first episode managed to impress viewers. Also with the beautiful Tulip Joshi and handsome Yudi being the leads, Airlines is definitely a show to look forward to.

Now, this week gear up to watch Ananya (Tulip Joshi) and Akash (Yudi) face another challenge as they get soaring in the sky in their aircraft for the first time.

As Ananya will be about to board, she will come across an old woman who would want help. She would also be carrying an urn which she will state to be her husband’s last remains.

Shares a source, “The woman will be creating a lot of fuss and would not want anyone to touch the urn. Having approached by Ananya she will share her ordeal with her and ask her to keep her husband’s last remains with her.”

The soft hearted Ananya will agree on the same and break the biggest rule of a pilot and keep the urn in the cockpit. Later Akash will come to Ananya and share that the woman is actually a smuggler and has diamonds hidden in the urn.

What will Ananya do now? Will Akash and Ananya manage to get the smuggler arrested?

We tried reaching Tulip and Yudi but they remained unavailable.