Dr B K Modi’s Buddha – Rajaon Ka Raja on Zee TV will see the major turnaround of Ajatashatru, essayed by Abhiram Nain this week.

Ajatashatru will reach a stage in his life where he will be bestowed with all the materialistic pleasures, but will have no companion to share his love, pain and agony. He would get a realization that he has ultimately lost the race to Buddha (Himanshu Soni). Hence, he would send his mukut to Buddha as a mark of respect, expressing his state of condition. Buddha will soon realize the plight in which Ajatashatru is, and he would go to his kingdom to have a word with him.

A source states, “There will be a very interesting sequence between Ajatashatru and Buddha wherein the former will surrender himself before Buddha. He would request Buddha to pardon him for all his bad deeds. Buddha would advice him to become a good king and rule for the betterment of people in his kingdom.”

Meanwhile, Devdutt (Devyansh Tapuriah) would be shocked to see the change in Ajatashatru. Devdutt would want Ajatashatru’s help in killing Buddha. However, Ajatashatru would warn him of doing such a cruel act. A determined Devdutt will decide to kill Buddha all by himself. In the jungle, he would follow Buddha and try to pierce a knife into Buddha’s body. But luck would favour Buddha as he would bend down just at the time when the knife would pass over him. Later, Devdutt will push a huge boulder from the hill to harm Buddha, but destiny would have something else in store.

The source further elaborates, “Divine intervention would save Buddha but Devdutt would fall from the top of the hill, and will land in a half dead state at the feet of Buddha. Buddha would immediately take Devdutt to his ashram and would treat his injuries. Devdutt will soon be mesmerized by the man’s greatness and will feel embarrassed for whatever he has done. He will seek forgiveness from Buddha and will die after uttering the lines ‘Buddham Sarnam Gacchami’…”

We tried calling Abhiram Nain, but did not get through to him.

Get ready for the gripping sequences this weekend.