The duo have critically fallen sick and doctors were immediately called for medical aid. Read on to know who they are…

Earlier it was Mandana Karimi and now there are two other inmates who are critically ill and asked for an emergency treatment. We are talking about tough guy Suyyash Rai and sweet girl Digangana Survayanshi, who are currently suffering from severe health conditions.

Suyyash has been vomiting since yesterday, while Digangana is battling with typhoid as confirmed by the doctor’s reports. Sensing the severity of the problem, Bigg Boss asked doctors to enter the house for immediate treatment of both Suyyash and Digangana.

When Mandana was unwell, she was taken out for a medical check up, after which she was sent to the secret room. Maybe it was intentionally done out of concern to give her little rest. But now after knowing about Digangana being diagnosed with Typhoid, we really wonder what Bigg Boss has in store for her. And not to forget, she is also nominated for eviction this week. Hence, we wonder whether she gets evicted this week.

We wish Digangana and Suyyash a healthy recovery!