Afreen will try to suffocate Khan Begum at a spa in a steam chamber…Read on to know what happens next!

‘Qubool Hai’ on Zee TV has generated a lot of buzz about voodoo and has kept its loyal fans entertained with the mystical happenings on the show.

We all know Afreen (Pooja Bose) lacing Armaan’s (Avinash Sachdev) drinks with black magic in order to seduce him, so that his fondness towards her grows above Mahira (Surbhi Jyoti), on learning that Azaad’s (Rajbeer Singh) heart was transplanted in Armaan’s body.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Mahira brings in a tabeez to protect Armaan from being victimized to this. With this plan not working in her favour, Afreen will now do something all the more wicked!

Our source informed, “Failing to gain control over Armaan, Afreen will once again plot a plan and will try to suffocate Khan Begum at a spa in a steam chamber in an attempt to remove a roadblock from her mission. But her plans will soon see no light as Ehsaan, Armaan’s business partner will come to her rescue.”

What will Afreen do next?

An actor on the condition of anonymity said, “Afreen will once again spike Armaan’s drink with herbs to cast a spell on him but will fail because of Khan Begum.”

Will Khan Begum be a victim of this spell or will Afreen’s motive fail once again?

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