Popular singer Aditya Narayan to make an appearance on Zee TV’s popular show Hello Pratibha…

Gear up for some fun, celebration and drama in Shakuntalam Telefilms’ popular show Hello Pratibha on Zee TV.

Our source informs us, “In the upcoming episodes of the show, there will be a charity function happening in the house in which the popular singer Aditya Narayan will make an appearance to grace the occasion with his performance. Mahendra (Sachal Tyagi) was unaware about Aditya Narayan joining the party while Sanjeev (Tarul Swami) and Pratibha (Binny Sharma) aware about it.”

“There will be so much of confusion and drama regarding Aditya’s performance in the party as it was Pratibha who had called Aditya to the party while Mahendra thinks that Sanjeev has called Aditya to the party. Later, on it will be interesting for the viewers to watch as how the truth will unfold,” adds our source.

Seems an interesting drama cum celebration will be seen on the show ahead!

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