To make any show a huge success, the lead actors need to share a brilliant chemistry, but, what we hear from our sources is just the opposite for Laut Aao Trisha leads Nalini Negi (Trisha) and Kunal Verma (Aditya).

A reliable source informed us that recently Kunal arrived late for his shoots on the set. So, Nalini casually asked him when was his actual call (reporting) time.

Apparently, this irked Kunal beyond limits and he started yelling on Nalini asking what authority she had to question him. He went on further to add that a junior artist (referring to Nalini) has no right to question him.

Naturally the strong words did not go down well with the girl and a rather shocked Nalini broke down into tears.

Our source also mentioned that the soft hearted girl also tried to reason with Kunal that she only questioned him thinking of him as a friend and she did not have any other intention, but Kunal insulted her in front of many other people present on the set.

The situation worsened even more as an upset Nalini wanted to leave the set right then as she did not want to work with a co-actor like Kunal. But, somehow the production crew managed to console her and the situation gradually settled down.

When we contacted Nalini, she brushed off this incident as a baseless rumor and mentioned, “Nothing as such happened. We share a great relationship and sometimes even the director gets annoyed with us as we do so much ‘masti’ on the sets. I don’t know who spread such stories about me.”

But as we all know that every rumour has a little truth in it, so, we also called up Kunal to know his version of the ‘story’

And readers, this will seriously give you a shock.

On this incident Kunal commented, “Yes, I was upset, as being a senior I didn’t expect such a reaction. And when you provoke someone, that person is bound to react. But I am kind of a person who believes in the idea of forget and forgive. So, I don’t have any hard feelings for her.”

So things are sorted out between you two now? “Well we don’t mingle much now. We concentrate on our work on the set,” added Kunal.

Aha, isn’t it surprising to hear two different versions from two different actors?

So, Nalini, you really want us to believe that nothing actually happened between you two and you two are still the BFF on the sets?

We rest our case.