Shweta Munshi who essays the role of Prabha in Zee TV’s Bandhan – Saari Umar Humein Sang Rehna Hai (Swastik Productions) is happy to be part of the unique project, as according to her, the genre of the show is very different from what has been regularly shown on Indian television.

However, there is a personal dissatisfaction in the way she looks at the way her role has shaped up in the show. “I am extremely glad at being part of Bandhan, and there are no doubts about that. It is a very different show, and the entire team is very warm and co-operative. However, the actor within me longs for performance, as my role is very restricted. I give only 10 days in a month to the show, and this does not please me. I personally feel that this is the time where I need to get challenging and more demanding roles to play, so that I can grow as an actor. I have always been part of women-oriented concepts and this is something new to me. Yes, this is a show which depicts the tale of a kid and a baby elephant, so all the other characters revolve round the main plot. And this maybe one reason why I am getting lesser opportunity to perform.”

Ask her whether she has expressed her dissatisfaction to the makers, and she states, “Yes, I have had a word with both Rahul (Tewary) and Siddharth (Tewary). They agree that since these are the initial months for the show, it looks that way to me. However, they have assured me that with time, I will get a prominent part to play in the show. I am now going with the flow, and will see how the next few months shape up for me.”

Ask her about the baby doll on the show Ananya Agarwal, and she quickly says, “Ananya is a darling, and she calls me ‘Didi’ with all the love. I get all the attention when Ananya comes behind me, seeking my attention and love.”

On the warm and cordial atmosphere on the set, the actress explains, “We are like one nice family. The unit is pretty lively, and even when we shoot under some strenuous schedules, we tend to take pressure off each other. Aditya Redij who plays the role of Mahesh is a fabulous actor, and a great human being.”

Shweta who has essayed strong roles in her earlier shows Maayke Se Bandhi Dor, Punar Vivah will want to portray roles that will showcase her acting credentials, thereby giving her the experience needed for her growth as an actor.

Shweta, we wish you all the best!!