Mere Rang Mai Rangne Wali show will soon gear up with the most awaited sequence where Abhishek’s truth is going to be revealed.
Abhishek and Janvi are in love with each other and wants to get married and LD (Samridh Bawa) is supporting them. But Radha (Pranali Gogare) thinks that there is something fishy and is trying to find out the truth.
As per our source, “Abhishek is actually Neha’s (Alifia Kapadia) younger brother and he is marrying Janvi to take revenge from Chaturvedi family. Neha has cooked some fake story to convince Abhishek and things are happening according to her plan. Abhishek has trapped Janvi as per Neha’s plan and later she will ask him to ditch Janvi. So Chaturvedi family will have no other option but to accept Neha’s condition of getting her married to Murli for Janvi’s sake.”
Source continued, “Radha who is already doubtful about Abhishek’s family, will finally succeed in finding about Neha and Abhishek being siblings. Thus, she will decide to reveal the truth to everyone and expose Abhishek and his fake parents.”
Will Radha be able to expose Abhishek and save Janvi?