A desperate Abhi finds his True Love finally…

Pragya suffered a lot of harassment from Aaliya and Tanu and finally, her mother Sarla was forced to give Pragya a choice of whether she wanted to maintain a relationship with her or Abhi.

An emotional Pragya chose her mother over Abhi, post which, Sarla decided that her family will pack their bags and leave the town forever. Now, Abhi has realized his love for Pragya. However, it is too late and now that she has gone, he misses her terribly.

We have seen him desperately searching for Pragya, now that she has decided to leave the city. Soon, Abhi will reach a temple to pray for Pragya to come back into his life.

And guess what? Abhi’s prayers will magically be answered so fast that he will find Pragya at the temple!

Will fate bring back Abhi and Pragya together? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for further updates!