A high voltage drama to be seen in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya as Abhaas’ character will come to an end because of Virat.

Director’s Kut Productions’ popular show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV is grabbing the eyeballs of masses with its dramatic storyline. The upcoming episode will be more interesting as Abhaas (Parichay Sharma) will come to know the real face of Virat (Bharat Chawda).

As Virat has been trying to create rift between the families of Raj (Mishkat Verma) and Avni (Kanchi Singh), but now he will indulge into a fight with Abhaas which will turn ugly.

Our source says, “There will be a fight sequence between Virat and Abhaas because Abhaas will come to know that Virat is behind all the problems and he is the main culprit for the mishaps occurred in the house. The fight will get so intense that Abhaas will be injured badly and he will be taken to the hospital where he will be declared dead.”

When contacted Parichay Sharma to know about his journey in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya he says, “Unfortunately I will be leaving the show as my track has ended, but I hope that I grab a new project in the future. All my team members were like a family to me and I am going to miss all of them.”