However much one likes to have family and friends over at home, there are times when one is uncomfortable with unwanted house guests, don’t you agree?

Some guests have the ability to annoy and put tremendous strain on you. Same is the case with Bhagwan Daas (BD) from Zee TV’s popular light hearted weekend show Neeli Chatri Waale (Ashwini Dhir Productions).

The story takes an interesting turn when veteran actor Abha Parmar enters the show as Bhagwan Das’ mother-in-law along with Barsha Chatterjee who will enact the role of Bobby’s friend. In the upcoming weekend episodes, Bhagwan Das’ mother-in- law comes to visit the family and nags him and Bobby to have a third child as it says so in Bobby’s kundli that she needs to have one more baby. The thought of having another child only disturbs the couple. The next day, Bobby’s kleptomaniac friend (looteri dost) comes to join her kitty group and her habit of stealing gets on Bobby’s nerves.

Will Bhagwan Das and Bobby be able to handle these two ladies? How will Shivaye guide him to overcome these situations?

We tried reaching Abha but she remained unavailable to comment.

This weekend, get ready to witness this relatable slice of life drama with Bhagwan Das and Shivaye with the guest special episode.