Aamir Khan was in full flow at the launch of the second PK poster today and he spared no one with his witty repartees that had the audience in splits. Though the event was held to launch his second poster, debate around his infamous nude poster took centerstage and Aamir patiently answered all queries.

But what of course what took the cake was his comment on Salman Khan. Aamir stumped one and all when he said that he would want Salman to do a nude PK standee to promote PK in the current season of Bigg Boss.

It may well be remembered that Salman had gone out of his way to promote Aamir’s Dhoom 3 in the previous season of Bigg Boss by wearing the fedora hat that Aamir was seen sporting in the movie. Aamir, on his part, returned the favour by tweeting about Salman’s Jai Ho for almost a week.

With PK’s promotions already underway and Bigg Boss season 8 also on the anvil of getting started, Aamir Khan wondered out loud if Salman would promote PK this time.

“Salman wore the fedora hat that I sported in Dhoom 3 while shooting for Bigg Boss. Now I would like to see if Salman will promote PK and if he does it how.”

Aamir then went on to suggest the manner in which he would want Salman to promote his movie. “I want to see if Salman like me too would take off his pants to promote PK. We all have seen a shirtless Salman. Now let’s see if he will remove his pants too. I want to test his friendship here and see if he will do that for me,” said Aamir.

It remains to be seen if Salman will accept his friend Aamir’s ‘remove your pants’ challenge to prove his friendship’s worth.