After lots of drama, finally the show Uttaran will gear up with a romantic sequence between Meethi and Akash amid Karwa Chauth in Uttaran.

Filmfarm Productions’ popular show Uttaran on Colors is one of the most long running shows on the channel. The show has geared up with many twist and turns to keep their audiences glued to their TV screens.

As per the ongoing episodes, lots of drama is seen in the show as Maiya is not ready to accept Rani, whereas Akash and Meethi are trying hard to convince all the members to accept her but their all efforts are going in vain. Thus soon some refreshing moment will gear up in the show which will for a while put all the drama aside.

Let’s find out what it will be.

As per our source, “After a high voltage drama in the show finally Maiya will understand Rani’s situation and will accept her. Thus there will be a Karwa Chauth sequence where Meethi will keep a fast for Aakash. While performing Karwachauth ritual, there will be romantic scenes between Meethi and Aakash after a long time. There will be a romantic dance sequence between this couple. A high intense drama will create more troubles in their life.”

What will happen next which will again create problems in Meethi and Akash’s life?

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