It’s with a heavy heart that we are saying this, but such is life. Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan will be exiting Bigg Boss 8 tonight in a grand farewell. He will be handing the mantle over to choreographer-director Farah Khan for a month. As the feisty lady comes on board, we drum up a list of five unique things that she will bring to the controversial reality show…read on:

Her Brand of Wit:

We have seen her fiery brand of wit and humour on many a reality show. We are certain that she would bring the same to the Bigg Boss house as well! Her ability to make a spontaneous joke has become a hit with the audiences and that’s what she would be counting on when she enters the show.

Larger Than Life:

Her movies are testimony to the fact that she enjoys the larger than life phenomenon. So we can be sure that her episodes will be just that…bigger, better and more entertaining. She has the knack to make things pop out on the big screen, which is something she will be aiming to recreate on the small screen as well.

Impromptu Dance and Drama:

Her Weekend Ka War will be peppered with impromptu dance and drama that we have seen many times on her reality stint. The inmate are in for a big surprise as the choreographer-turned-director is going to make them all dance to her tunes. Literally.

SRK May Finally Come on the Show:

Yes, that’s a possibility now. Considering how his close buddy is hosting the show, the King Khan might drop in on the sets! Wouldn’t that push the TRPs through the roof? Of course, it would. We have a feeling that the Khan queen was roped in on the show for this very purpose. Hmm…

Calls A Spade a Spade:

As cheesy as this sounds, but the smart lady is not afraid to speak her mind. Whether it’s about the contestants or the industry in general, she will call a spade a spade. What’s more, she is on good terms with Sallu bhai so will bring some much needed spice to the show by spilling juicing beans! Can’t wait for it to begin, can we?

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