The good looking and popular actor Kinshuk Vaidya is not only winning hearts of the audience as Aryan from Sony TV’s popular daily Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka, but he is alive in the hearts of many of the 90’s kids as Sanju from Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

Popular series Shaka Laka Boom Boom revolved around the life of Sanju who had a magic pencil and whatever Sanju used to draw with that pencil, used to come out in real. Every kid dreamt of having that pencil in real to make their imagination turn into reality.
We wondered what Kinshuk would do if he will get that magic pencil in real. Read on to know what he would wish to do….

I will draw a spaceship with which I will take a tour to the Universe. Don’t know if NASA’s spaceship will reach there or not, but mine will reach there as it has been created from a magic pencil. I will go to the Moon, Mars to see if anyone is there.

I like watches a lot so I will draw a watch every day for myself.

I will make some kind of a machine that will purify the air of Mumbai because there is lot pollution in the city. We don’t get to see the stars because of the pollution. So after purifying the air, we will get to see the stars too.

I like sailing, so I will make a Yacht and got for sailing in the sea.

I will create another day to have this pencil all over again to get five more wishes fulfilled.

What would you do folks if you will get one? Do share with us.