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Handsome hunk Vibhav Roy is all set to be seen on a new show on Star Plus.

We buzzed Vibhav Roy to talk about his new project, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan under the banner Balaji Telefilms and here are the five things that made him to say Yes to this project.

Let’s take a glimpse on the five things:

1. Starting with the character, this guy want to do just three things in his life, he wants to be a hero, he wants to be a hero and he wants to be a hero so there was a Personal Connect as even I want to be an actor. This character is a struggler, wanna be actor or aspiring actor, whatever you want to call him, but this was one of the biggest calling.

2. Second thing is the character, it is totally opposite to me which gave me an opportunity to come across my different side. He is slightly loud and energetic, I wanted to do that because earlier watching me in Gustakh Dil, they casted me for same role in Doli Armaanon Ki. Well, now it is a different character, it is very loud, very out going, very energetic, he is always all over the place, shouting, yelling, full over like dhamaal. This is like a welcoming change for me after my previous shows.

3. The Production house – Balaji Telefilm’s, I am genuinely very excited to work with them. Its once in the lifetime opportunity, I have heard that Balaji is by far the best production house in the TV industry. So far its been so good for me, it’s par excellence and very professional, it’s very massive. The kind of interest structure of these people have is unmatchable and out of the world.

4. The channel Star Plus, says it all.

5. Prime time slot of 8.30, it can’t get better.

So now hopefully I will work hard and to be successful in getting the required eyeballs.

We wish the charming boy good luck for his new project!