Ravi Dubey aka eye candy is one of the most talented and hardworking actors in the television world. Ravi is currently impressing us with his stint as a jamai or son-in-law on Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

Ravi, the versatile artist blessed with great acting, dancing, anchoring and mimicry skills, is perfect for his role as a jamai. Here are five reasons why his character Siddharth is a perfect Jamai…read on:

Loving and caring:

Ravi Dubey’s Sid is a loving and kind guy. He loves his wife Roshni (Nia Shamra), and both the families. In spite of being a ghar jamai, he has never differentiated between the families.

Very disciplined and well-mannered:

Sid has always been well-mannered and disciplined. The best part about him is that he’s never been partial to anyone. He has always been clear about his views. We also simply love the way Sid presents himself in front of everybody. That attitude, combined with his razor sharp expressions and smart dressing sense, makes him drool-worthy.

Flexible and kind

Sid’s life is full of twists and turns. His days are dramatic, but he has always been calm. He has taken care of everyone and also helped each one of them in their bad times.

He agreed to be a ghar jamai

In today’s time, a guy agreeing to be a ghar jamai is like winning the lottery. In fact, most girls would agree that they have always wanted to marry a guy who can stay with her parents. Well, Sid is one of them.

Self-made man

In spite of being a ghar jamai, Sid has built everything on his own. He is rich, clever and blessed with a great business sense.