Bigg Boss’ Diwali special eviction was a cracker of an episode, and how! Even the most ardent fans of the reality show couldn’t have guessed the twists and turns in store. From a deceptive exit to a feisty one-on-one, here are five reasons why the Weekend Ka Vaar was a dhaamal…read on:

Salman in blazing hot black

The charismatic host of the show, Salman Khan, was at his sexiest best on last night’s episode. Clad in a blazing hot black suit, he sure upped the hotness level on the show. Is it any wonder that women swoon at the mere sight of the super star? Even if some might hate the format of the show, they should definitely watch it for Sallu’s antics and craziness. We don’t think that anybody else would have been able to pull this off other than Bhai. Agree?

Deceptive eviction of Natasha

The Serbian beauty, Natasha Stankovic, was deceptively evicted from the show. Although her eviction wasn’t much of a surprise, the way she was bid bye-bye was a tad different from others. When other inmates were busy celebrating Diwali, Salman and Natasha slyly exited the house. We can’t say that we would miss the pretty lady on the show, but she was one of the better contestants on Bigg Boss!

Gauahar Khan’s mini comeback

Last season’s winner and model-turned-actress Gauahar Khan made a mini comeback as Ek Din Ki Bigg Boss. With her husky voice and perfect diction, Khan made for a cool Bigg Boss. She made the inmates do crazy things in the house and on last night’s episode, she even indulged in a one-on-banter with Minnisha Lamba. Gauahar, who was known for her flamboyance and extrovert nature, was being ‘herself’ while questioning Lamba and other girls.

Sargun’s Q&A round

TV actress Sargun Mehta posed a series of questions to the inmates that they had a tough time answering. When Sargun talked about women empowerment, respect to how the girls had mistreated fellow participant Sonali Raut, everybody was ashamed of their behaviour. It was a good Q&A round where Sargun’s fiery questions put the inmates at a precarious position.

Karishma Tanna’s fake eviction

When Sallu asked Karishma Tanna to move out of the house, everybody was shocked. Especially Diandra, who kept saying ‘OMG’ in her trademark annoying manner. But the eviction turned out to be a fake one as Salman declared that he was just playing a prank. What we loved about the prank was Tanna’s ‘Yeh Sab TRP Ke Liye Hai’ statement! What a joke, eh?