Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan is the flavour of the small screen currently. If you have been following the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, you’d certainly know what we are talking about! His charismatic hosting skills are making fans swoon, and how. No other actor has enjoyed such unparalleled success as the macho star. We tell you why he is the best host on TV right now.

His ‘don’t-give-a-hoot’ attitude

He doesn’t give a damn, and that shows. Whether he is hosting Bigg Boss or simply interviewing the contestants, he puts on his ‘don’t-give-a-hoot’ attitude. That’s what sets him apart from the rest of the herd. We especially like his sign off ‘do whatever you want to do, man’ during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

He is dishy and he knows it

The superstar is effortlessly dishy and he knows it. His super charming looks and oodles of sex appeal make women go weak in the knees. Moreover, when you know you’re sought after by many, you have a certain confidence that makes you sexier to the audiences. Despite hitting late 40s, the Tiger hasn’t lost its roar.

Witty and straight forward

His interactions with the inmates is witty, yet straight forward. He doesn’t sugar the pill, but keeps the atmosphere light by indulging in witty banter. Not even his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan (who is, in fact, known for being quick-witted) could light up his TV shows with his tongue-in-cheek quips. We do feel that there is a method to Salman’s madness and probably that’s what makes him tick. Do you guys agree?

He is spontaneous

Not everything he does on the show could be scripted. Because, let’s face it, he is Salman Khan! Do you think the writers can mould him into speaking their lines? Nah. His spontaneity and sudden burst of laughter make for interesting viewing. We love how he doesn’t come with a script and simply vomits it out to us. We don’t want him to quit the show. Ever.

His connect with the contestants

He gets involved in the lives and issues of the contestants. It makes them feel worth it and gives a glimpse of their likes and dislikes. Whether it was his involvement in the Gauahar-Kushal issue or his stand on women empowerment, he has always been vocal and just. We absolutely dig that about you. We know you guys do it too!

Would you want Salman to be replaced by any other actor on the reality show? Let us know right away…