Contestant Gautam Gulati has slowly, but surely become one the most popular inmates of the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 8 (Colors and Endemol India). The good looking actor has been saved from eliminations week after week. And we trace the reasons behind his successful stint on the show. Read on:

Female Fan Following:

The dashing actor has been making women swoon over him with his chiseled abs and sexy physique. While many girls find him annoying and boisterous, there are others who swear by his looks and antics. His female fan following has kept him inside the house for this long. And we are sure that he would stay put here for a while more!

In the Limelight:

Right from day one, the star-in-the-making has been in the limelight. Whether it was his ‘hook-up’ with fellow inmate Diandra, sensuous moves with Sonali or his outburst with Upen and Aarya, Gautam knows how to keep the cameras rolling on him. Naturally, when you’re the subject of so much footage, you’re bound to be popular. Isn’t it?

Knows How to Play the Game:

It seems the youngster has done a thorough research about how to behave on the show, before actually coming aboard. This trait makes him stand out on the show. He might not have a game plan as such, but he definitely knows how to get free publicity. Way to go, boy!

Entertainment Package:

He can dance, sing and mimic actors at the drop of a hot. He is not camera-shy at all! He knows what makes him tick on the show and is not afraid to shed his inhibitions. This is what makes him hugely popular with the audiences who love his brand of humour, masti and entertainment.

Sincere at Tasks:

Somehow, he comes across as a sincere and hardworking player when it comes to the weekly tasks. It might very well be a facade, but it’s definitely working on the viewers. Let’s hope that he doesn’t let the popularity go to his head!

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