It’s a known fact that ‘reality’ shows are hardly real these days and highly predictable. They are peppered with gloss, drama and loads of TRP-friendly stuff to make the shows pop. One such series is the controversial Colors’ hit venture Bigg Boss.

We take a look at five reasons why the show looks predictable to us. Read on…

‘Loud’ contestants are not evicted:

If you have been following the show religiously, you’d know that the contestants who are ‘loud’ and full of drama are always safe. While the soft-spoken and non-controversial ones are chucked out of the house. When the most notorious inmates of this season, Gautam and Sonali, can continue to remain safe, week after week. It does make you feel that the show is kind of scripted. Isn’t it?

Problems galore!

We understand that living under the same roof with strangers can lead to issues. But picking fights over petty things reek of ‘unreal’ strategies. How can everybody have issues with just about everybody else in the house? We feel that the contestants are fighting with others in order to stay in the limelight. Because only those who bring in the TRP can win the mega prize. Remember Gauahar Khan, anyone? It is getting all predictable, you see.

Spicy love story angle:

It’s a possibility that two people, living in the same house for so many months, can fall in love with each other. But the odds of that happening in real life is rather bleak. But in the Bigg Boss’ house, everybody has a game plan that involves a spicy love story angle. Whether it was last season’s Tanissha-Armaan and Gauahar-Kushal or this season’s Gautam-Sonali, it definitely looks kind of planned. Why else would they all ‘conveniently’ break up post the conclusion of the show?

Tasks that provoke fights:

The next time you watch a task, observe how they are engineered to provoke fights among the participants. From girls vs boys drama to one of the participants being bullied, everything is a part of the scripted drama. Why would pseudo-celebs (they are not really celebs, are they?) on the show indulge in petty banter when they know that thousands of people are watching them on the show?

One eccentric character:

All the seasons have had that one eccentric character who can keep the audiences entertained. From Dolly Bindra to Ajaz Khan to Imam Siddique, there have been many such people who have been part of the show only to up the fun quotient. The format is also the same, mind you! These people garner as much TRPs for the show as possible and get evicted right before the finale. And the winner is always somebody that the channel can use for a year for publicity. Think Shweta Tuwari, Juhi Parmar and Gauahar Khan. See what we mean?

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