Anybody who’s ever been scared of anything has recited the Hanuman Chalisa to gain power, knowledge, and the ability to overcome the pain. He is not called Sankatmochan for no reason. Yes, we are talking about the vanara deity, Hanuman, who is giving us his darshan on Sony TV’s Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman. One month into the show, we have learned a bunch of things from prime time saga. Here are the top five of them…read on:

Loyalty is a Virtue:

The only reason Hanuman fought the armies of Raavan was due to his love and loyalty towards Lord Ram. The show, which started airing from May, also tells us about Hanuman’s devotion and dedication towards his master. Because Lord Ram’s army would never have been able to win the war without the unconditional help from Hanuman and his friends.

Fear Destroys Us:

Another valuable lesson we learn is how fear can destroy everything that we hold near and dear. Because ‘jo dar gaya, samjho mar gaya’. That’s how crippling distress can be. We must channelize our inner demons into productive features so that we are able to contribute to the society better. Never be afraid to try something new, unconventional or even insane. Don’t be scared. Period.

Evil Spirits Can be Warded off:

It’s a popular saying that when you worship the mighty Hanuman, you’re driving all negative energies and evil spirits away. In a way, the show tells us to think of the deity, without pushing their ideologies on us. Perhaps that’s what makes the series a unique one. If you feel that you’re bogged down by negative vibes, you might try chanting some mantras of the feisty Lord!

A Promise is Everything:

We know from the Hindu epic Mahabharata how Hanuman brought Lord Lakshman back to life with the Sanjeevani Booti, but there are various instances where Hanuman has kept his promises. No matter what. Whether it was fulfilling his mother, Anjana’s, wishes or listening to his subjects, the fiery God has always given priorities to his people. What a fabulous way to teach kids morals and ethics, eh?

Eternally Committed to Lord Ram:

Even after Lord Rama departed to Vaikuntha after the war, Hanuman decided to stay back on earth so he could forever listen to people worshipping his supreme Lord. Such was his eternal commitment that he refused to stop listening to the chanting of the holy mantra.

These little things, coupled with great production design, an amazing star cast and a well thought-out script makes this show a must-watch. Are you tuning in between Monday and Friday at 8 PM? We bet you’re! Let us know which virtue of Lord Hanuman you love the most…