She is smart, educated, independent, and has a heart of gold. Pragya played ably by Sriti Jha in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is definitely an epitome of goodness.

Before taking the nuptial vows with Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), the girl used to be a professor imparting education to many. But now she settling down in conjugal life, she seems to have lost her ‘ambitious’ streak.

So here we get 5 alternate careers that we think Pragya should take up and get back working rather than being just a boring old wife.


Now this ability is inbuilt in all our TV bahus. From snooping on conversations to finding out about their wandering husbands by sniffing perfumes from their shirts, they can give James Bond a run for his money. Pragya dear, you won’t actually need to work hard on this profession and easily achieve great success. So get those magnifying glasses now!!!


Spying, cooking up stories, controversies, etc is an easy task for our TV bahus. So why not use this talent to stir up some yummilicious food for your family and also the world. Pragya can actually excel being a chef by dishing out the best of cuisines for all.


Now when she gave Abhi the famous ‘mouth-to-mouth resuscitation’ love did bloom between them, but what also gave to light was Pragya’s expertise with such medical practice. And being the soul healer with her talks and goodness, Pragya can definitely work well as a doctor.


Married to a rich spoilt brat with a serious anger management issue and a girlfriend in arm might sound tragic to many, but Pragya with her charm and love handled it all. Today apart from the ‘richness’ factor, rest has all changed positively for Abhi and he toes behind his wife like a true lover. If this is not magic, what else could it be?

Rock Star

Having finally confessed their love for each other Pragya and Abhi are definitely besotted with each other. Hence not wanting to separate them, we suggest she takes lessons on music and joins Abhi’s band. That way not only will they stay together but also make for a one unusual yet a perfect rock star jodi! Start strumming Pragya!

Which among these profession would suit Pragya the best? Shout out your choice in the comment box below. You can also add more to the list.