Model turned actor Mahek Chahal, who recently got evicted from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss Halla Bol (Endemol and Colors), described her second stay in the house as a better experience than the previous one filled with lots of positive energy and good memories to cherish.

When we spoke to Mahek about her second stay in the house, she commented, “This time it was very much positive with Gautam, Rahul and Pritam around me, who all made me laugh.”

No doubt, this time Mahek did not manage to grab much eyeballs and her stay was unfortunately quite ‘thanda’. So what happened? The smart lady quickly answered, “If someone provokes you then only you will react.”

“Last time there were many people inside the house, who intentionally provoked me and I ended up being the centre of attraction. But this time it was very different, as I was not being instigated by anyone,” added Mahek.

We also tried to find out Mahek’s take on the latest love story inside, which is creating lots of buzz among the media and the viewers, and Mahek didn’t disappoint us. “It is absolutely a personal affair between Upen and Karishma and I don’t think I am the right person to comment about it.”

“When you are staying together for such a long period of time, then you can get attracted to someone, which is natural, but the only point where I cannot agree with Karishma is the way she used her relationship status against Rahul,” added Mahek.

She went on to add, “If you stop Rahul sighting the reason that you are into a relationship, then what exactly is she doing with Upen inside the house? My point is not to use anyone or your status to slam someone.”

Hmm, we believe even audience will agree with the lady on this note.

Before signing off Mahek mentioned that she expected her eviction this week as her competitors were strong enough having a huge fan following and also selected Gautam as the potential winner, as, he has successfully impressed the audience with various action and reaction this time.

Well let’s wait and watch if Mahek’s favourite emerge as the winner or not.