It’s hard to keep secrets in the Telly world. With constant media scrutiny and updates on social media, even the most hush-hush celeb facts are pretty well-known.

The latest one to join the list of most good looking actor on TV is the dashing Namik Paul. He is currently seen entertaining audience as Sharvan in Sony Entertainment Televisions’ Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.

The actor in a candid chat with us shared lesser-known titbits about his life that will blow your mind.

I grew straight 8 inches taller in the 8th grade. Along with people around me, I was also shocked (laughs)!
I love animals, especially dogs and cats.
I love reading. Last year I wanted to read 100 books but I could only complete 75 books.
I often watch movies alone because I hate people talking during films.
I was in a boarding school in Mussoorie.
I can’t stand people who make sound while eating.
I have tried learning the piano, violin and guitar; and failed in all miserably.
I am very choosy about food.
I am not a morning person at all; more of a night owl.
I have an unhealthy addiction of soft drink (Coca Cola).

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